If you have a deep desire to lean right into your mid-winter comfort food-eating self and just entirely own it, you’re probably going to want to get yourself along to this all-you-can-eat schnitzel fest happening this weekend.

Over June 29 & 30, you can get yourself a seat at the long tables of one of the select venues of The Bavarian or Munich Brauhaus for a full two hours of shovelling as much schnitzel into your gob as is publicly and socially acceptable.


It’ll cost you a tight $39 for the two hours of power, which opens you up to three choices of schnit on a single platter – the Über Schnitzel, topped with rocket, semi-dried tomato and parmesan, the Jager Schnitzel, doused in mushroom ragu, and the beloved Parmigiana Schnitzel, swathed in ham, red sauce, and gooey mozzarella.

You’ll also cop a couple of sides of both mashed potato and potato salad, in case you weren’t already destined for a surefire food coma.

You’ve definitely got to book in to gorge yourself on endless parma, so grab at least one (1) other friend that you wish to subject to a side of you that will undoubtedly test the foundations of your friendship and chuck your name down over on The Bavarians website.

Image: Supplied