PEDESTRIAN.TV and Mastercard have teamed up to show you the wide array of sweet rewards you could be reaping as a Mastercard Debit Rewards member. I gotta tell ya, folks, the deals are pretty damn good and you DO NOT wanna miss 'em. Head here ASAP.

Going to the beach? Loves it. Getting your stuff knicked by some goober whilst you’re having a dip? HATES IT.

If you’re heading to the sweet seaside in Sydney this summer, might we suggest that instead of tucking your iPhone under your towel and thinking it will all be fine, that perhaps you look at using a locker?

Oh hey look here’s some and wow they cost nothing to use and oh, hot damn you get FREE STUFF just for using it!!!

Yessir, this January at Sydney’s Cronulla beach PEDESTRIAN.TV and our mates at Mastercard Debit Rewards are gifting you legends some pop-up lockers where you can dump your stuff safely and end up walking away with sweet freebies.

What kind of freebies? Oh, only Xbox One downloads, free movie tickets, Crust pizza vouchers, sunnies and whole heap of summer beach wares. THE GOOD STUFF!

All you need in order to gain access to this sweet dealio is to be a Mastercard Debit card owner, which you already highly likely are. Seriously open your wallet right now and have a squiz for the Mastercard logo on your bank’s debit card. Betcha it’s there.

Also, because we couldn’t just have any dull grey lockers hanging about, we’ve scored the supremely talented artist George Rose to inject some colour into the day and ensure your pre or post locker Instagram is lit as poss.

We’ll be hitting Cronulla beach Saturday 6th of January. SEE YOU THERE BBS!

You can make your summer even sweeter with Mastercard Debit Rewards huge array of dope offers, including everything from movies, food, live music and more. Check it out here.

Image: Instagram / Taylor Swift