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You know what I always wanted when I was a teenager, other than a boyfriend who would emotionally damage me to the point where I’d become forever undatable?

I really, really wanted to go to an American school so I’d have a locker like they did in the movies. Yes, I’m that kind of person and, as Sam Smith would say, I know I’m not the only one.

Look, I’m fully aware that private schools and the like in Oz also have lockers – heck, sometimes even pools and skating rinks and other places people go to exercise for “fun” have ’em too. But they’re few and far between and I don’t care what the haters say, I’m into them as much as one can be into an inanimate object.

You know why? Because they keep your things safe, people. And where else is there a dying need for that like the beach in summer? On Saturday 13th of January, PEDESTRIAN.TV + Mastercard are offering St Kilda beach-goers FREE lockers.

Like, may as well, you know? Or risk your crap getting flogged.

You’ll also score free goodies just for being a responsible human and locking your stuff up. This includes Xbox game passes, free Events movie tickets, Crust pizza vouchers, sunnies and whole heap of summer beach wares. The goodest stuff.

All you need in order to gain access to this sweet dealio is to be a Mastercard Debit card owner, which you already highly likely are. Seriously open your wallet right now and have a squiz for the Mastercard logo on your bank’s debit card. Betcha it’s there.

And because we couldn’t just have any fugly lockers ruining this pristine beach spot, the supremely talented artist George Rose has ensured your pre or post-locker Instagram is lit as poss by decorating ’em for you lot.

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See you on Jan 13th at St Kilda Beach.

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