We’re Slinging Free Stuff To Peeps Who Use Our Lush Beach Lockers This Jan

If you’re planning on heading to the beach this summer, I’m very sorry to inform you that so is literally everyone else and some of those people are gonna be thieving jerks.

Obvs the best way to secure your precious goods from crims whilst having a dip is a beach locker but these are consistently a) few and far between and b) expensive, so lucky for you we’ve teamed up with Mastercard Debit Rewards to sling you free beach lockers AS WELL AS free goodies. Why? ‘CAUSE WE CAN.

Popping up in both Sydney’s Cronulla beach and Melbourne’s St. Kilda beach this January, all you need in order to gain access to this sweet dealio, is to be a Mastercard Debit card owner, which, like, if you own a bank card of any kind, you very, very likely are. Good work you!

(Even if you can’t swing on by in Jan, check out Mastercard Debit Rewards full list of sick offers here and grab some savings this summer.)

The goodies we’re swinging your way? Oh baby, just that real good stuff like Xbox One downloads, free movie tickets, Crust pizza vouchers, sunnies and whole heap of summer beach wares.

The lockers will hit Cronulla Saturday 6th January and St. Kilda Saturday 13th January, but wait there’s more…

Because we couldn’t just have any ol’ fuggo lockers ruining these pristine beach spots, we’ve locked in supremely talented artist George Rose to inject some colour into the day and ensure your pre or post locker Instagram is lit as poss.

See you in Jan you bunch of beach babes xoxo.

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