Brisbane Is About To Open Its First 5-Star Hotel in 20 Years

Brisbane is about to kick things up a notch with its first 5-star hotel opening in 20 years, so silver-spoon travellers: GET EXCITED.

It’s been announced that the W Brisbane will throw open its chic-as-hell doors to us paying plebs in March 2018, and if you’re a forward-planning type you can start booking your luxe digs from next month.

There are currently 52 Ws in 25 countries, and good ol’ Brissy will have the honour of being the only Australian city with a W Hotel when it opens, which is a yuge middle finger to its painfully hip southern cousins Sydney and Melbourne.

Heyyy, good-lookin’.

If you’ve ever stayed at a W, you’ll know that after five minutes you want to live there forever, mainly because of their iconic “Whatever, Whenever” service which means guests can pick up the phone and ask for literally anything (that isn’t illegal, you gronks) at any given time.

The design of each hotel is also just really freaking cool, with so many modern minimalist touches you’ll be compelled to throw out all your possessions as soon as you get back to the dump you call a home.

Even the lobby is cool AF.

The property will have 312 guest rooms and, most importantly, three bars for you to get *classily* shitfaced in.

Some artist renderings of two of the bars (complete with creepy shadowy figures) give us an idea of what we can expect from Brissy’s W, which is located at 300 George Street at the western end of the CBD.

Sydney, which had a W Hotel at Finger Wharf that has been rebranded, is said to be scoring a W Darling Harbour in 2019, while Melbs will get one in the Collins Arch precinct in 2020.

So Brisbane, enjoy your time to shine.