Brisbane Has A Cinema In A Pool Now So You Can Paddle Away When Your Date Gets Annoying

Billy Maddison - Float In Cinema - Brisbane - W Hotel - OpenAir Cinema

We all love an outdoor cinema. Drive-throughs, beach fronts, rooftops – you name it I’ll absolutely go watch the same movie I’ve seen 10083472 times just for the experience.

Well here’s a new one for you courtesy of Openair Cinemas and the zany indoor pool at the fancy W Brisbane hotel – Float In Cinema.

Yes, happening over only five Tuesday nights starting Feb 25 and going through March, you can buy a ticket to watch one of the water-themed movies with food and cocktails in hand.

Water. Themed. Brilliant touch, imo. Except for Cocktail, but you’ll be drinking one so I guess it still works? The other featured films are Baywatch, Open Water, The Beach and The Notebook (STILL counts because of the rain and the lake and my own personal waterworks)

Seriously though have you SEEN this pool? It’s a rich and famous glammed up fever dream and I’m into it. Here you go:

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Before you ask, I’m absolutely sure you also have access to the dunny, and you’re all adults so I’m very sure there will be no peeing in the pool. Plus there are only 40 seats are available per session, so you can’t get away with a sneaky whizz. I can’t be the only one who considered this.

Also, think about it, if your date starts doing that awkward ‘yawn and slide the arm over the shoulder’ thing you can just paddle away. Genius.

Speaking of only 40 seats per session – you’d better GO GO GO! Tickets are $25 and on sale, click here for more deets and to book.