Virgin’s Sellin’ The Cheapest Round-The-World Biz Class Tix We’ve Ever Seen

Seeing as your ability to act upon the information in this here article is dwindling on a minute-by-minute basis, we’re going to keep it pretty concise: there’s a fucking good flight deal on, right now, that could see you flown around the world for just over $3,000.

In business class.

Until midnight, Escape Travel is offering sincerely lucky punters the opportunity to fly in Virgin business class from Melbourne to Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, and then back – or vice versa – from as low as $3,095.

A casual glance at an equivalent trip, taken between the designated booking period of July 5 and September 26, reveals that you’d usually be paying $12,000, at a bare minimum. An Escape Travel agent said they’ve never seen it this cheap. Make of that what you will.

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The catch with this one, outside of its rapidly encroaching expiration date, is that it’s not available through Escape Travel’s site. You’ll either have to duck into your local brick-and-mortar travel agent, or ask old mate Jose Bishop if the deal is available during your preferred dates. 

Jose’s email address is We anticipate that inbox will be mighty full, mighty shortly. Godspeed, Jose. Godspeed you, too.

Source: Escape.
Photo: @alanisko / Instagram.