These Spots Around Australia & NZ Will Have You Convinced You’re Overseas

5 Aussie & NZ Places That Are Better And Cheaper Than Their Overseas Counterparts

As a traveller I totally understand the VERY real and physical longing to see the world. As a person living in the real world, I also understand not being able to afford as much of it as you want. But you know where the rest of the world is trying to visit? Australia, and our brother from another mother, New Zealand.

While I’ll agree some experiences are completely unique to a particular country, I would agree there are others that you can enjoy just as much for a far cheaper plane ticket right in our own back yard. Bare with me here while I prove my point.

Canada’s Rocky Mountains Vs New Zealand’s Southern Alps

Having lived in the Rocky Mountains, as so many Aussies do, I can tell you it’s a truly stunning landscape that pulls the avid hiker out of even the least likely of people. I’ve never seen anything like it…except The Southern Alps New Zealand.

It extends almost the entire way along the south island, with it’s tallest and most famous peak being Aoraki / Mount Cook, at 3,724 metres.

Grand Canyon Vs Rocky Cape National Park

Yes I know, the Grand Canyon is, well, bloody grand. Well, at least it is when the weather permits you to see it. The first time I went, all excited and poor and spending my last pennies on a bus to take me out there from Vegas, it was so foggy I honestly couldn’t see over the edge.

Do you know what I could have spent that money on instead? A trip to Tasmania. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, let me remind you that they literally found the exact same rock that makes up the Grand Canyon in Tasmania’s Rocky Cape National Park, serving as proof the continents were once joined at these spots.

The Swiss Alps Vs Broken River

Yes, the Swiss Alps are basically like something out of a storybook and apparently, everyone there came out of the womb skiing. But it’s ridic expensive, especially when you consider that New Zealand is also home to dozens of ski-fanatic hot spots, often without the hordes of other tourists.

Literally, there are so many popular places to choose from, but I’ve gone with Broken River on the south island for its wider selection of ski terrain, so you can still join in the fun if you’re a total newbie.

The Greek Islands Vs Basically Any Beach In Queensland

You go to the Greek Islands for crystal clear waters, white sands and sense of complete chill, yes? Sounds familiar? Of course it does, that’s basically any Queensland beach you care to name. Noosa, Port DouglasMonkey Beach on Great Keppel Island, Myall Beach, Nudey Beach. I honestly just don’t have space to name them all. If you’re sitting all like ‘oh but the rocky cliff formations’, go have a gander at South Gorge Beach on Stradbroke Island. You’re welcome.

Mojave Desert Vs The Nullarbor

There’s only ONE reason anyone heads out into the desert. Yes, JUST ONE. To ‘find yourself’ obvs. Which is why every American movie in which their trying to make big life decisions features the Mojave Desert or at least one of their vast deserts, and every Australian movie of the same nature features a road trip across the Nullarbor. Plus we have huge Red Kangaroos that could actually probably beat Arnie Schwarzenegger up. Does the U.S.A? Nope.