These Are The Best Unknown Beaches In Queensland But Don’t Tell Anyone

Best Queensland Beaches You Haven't Heard Of Yet

Queensland is ridiculously blessed when it comes to stunning beaches. Not an eyesore in sight. But sometimes their popularity makes it a little hard to find a spot to lay your towel down. So why follow the crowds? Grab the sunscreen, whack on a hat, and head off to these secret beaches for the chill vibes you’ve been craving.

Monkey Beach, Great Keppel Island

Let it be known that this beach is heavily vouched for by one of my co-workers. Great Keppel Island sits on Southern Great Barrier Reef, just off the coast of Queensland and this lesser-known beach is the place to be. You can pretty much chalk up its quieter existence to it not being the closest to any resorts, just like all the best beaches tbh.

Seventeen Seventy Beach, Gladstone

The whole town of Seventeen Seventy is preserved as much as possible, so you can be sure of some incredible natural beauty. It’s perfect for swimmers, but paddle-borders will love the still-water inlet where the waves can’t get to.

South Gorge Beach, Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island is a much-loved island getaway for Brisbane folks for good reason. If you want a bit more room for yourself while you’re there head over to South Gorge Beach. The whole gorge thing keeps it protected from strong winds and bigger waves, plus it’s just really easy on the eye.

Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation

A quiet beach in a picturesque rainforest setting, need I say more? No, but I will anyway. It’s got that long, flat white sand lewk you hope for from a Queensland beach. If you like your beaches to be easy access then this is the secret beach for you. Follow a track from the southern end to the local shop or head to the northern end for a great view at the point of the cape.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island

I know, I know, I giggled too. Heck, I’m still giggling. Especially because it’s not even a nude beach. But look name aside, this small beach of white sand and coral is only a 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns on the mainland and well worth the effort.

Tallebudgera Creek, Gold Coast

I have not been here yet, but I literally squealed when I started looking at photos. And yes, it does still count as a beach because it’s one of those beach lagoon type things. You’ve got Burleigh Heads National Park on one side and Palm Beach on the other, and bright blue water in between.

Kinkuna Beach, Bunderburg

Come to Burrum Coast National Park for Kinkuna Beach, stay for the camping views. This is real nature, so be sure to bring a way of getting about that can handle sandy tracks. I’m told there’s some good fishing about too if that’s your jam.

Tannum Sands Beach, Tannum Sands

Nothing better than a small coastal town, especially when it’s as pretty as this one. Bring your stand up paddleboards, jet-skis, windsurfers, and paragliders; there’s room here all of them, plus swimming.

Coral Beach, Whitsundays

I’m just going to say it, there are very few places in the world more beautiful than the Whitsundays. But if you ever get sick of the beauty of the white sand – you weirdo – you can head over to the secluded coral beach, aptly named due to the multitudes of coral making up the shoreline. Wear your shoes and enjoy the beauty.

Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

I absolutely love Magnetic Island as a whole. You literally can’t help but relax there, but there’s still plenty of watersports to get the heart racing. Head around to Horseshoe Bay where you can sail, SUP board, jet ski, kayak, swim, fish and more. Or just lie on the beach with a good book enjoying the warmth.

Frangipani Beach, Cape York

It’s pretty much as far north as you can get In Australia, which is pretty cool on its own. Also, I think people foolishly forget there’s even more to do in Queensland when you get passed Cairns, so you won’t have to share with too many people until the secret gets out. It’s another one for the 4WD though, about a three-day day drive from Cooktown.

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