A family enjoying a luxurious trip to Bali tried to get a little extra bang for their buck when they stole a heap of hotel amenities that weren’t part of your typical hotel freebies.

We’ve all pinched a few extra bars of soap or a sneaky bottle of shampoo before but there’s definitely a line that gets crossed when you’re stealing spenno bathrobes and decor.

The family’s “souvenirs” included a hairdryer, towels, coathangers and even candles that were all property of the expensive Bali hotel.

In a video posted to Twitter, the family are seen shouting at hotel workers and offering to “pay extra” after being caught with the loot:

Police were called to the scene as the hotel staff searched the luggage.

“The guest acknowledged his mistake and apologised, returned the items taken and compensated for items that have not been found,” the police statement read.

To put it simply, you CAN take soap, shower caps and the little sachets of tea and coffee. You CANNOT take bathrobes, towels, coathangers or anything else that looks like it costs more than 25c to manufacture.

Honestly, don’t even try to steal shit from hotel rooms. They have your credit card details and although that Kitkat in the minibar looks delicious at 2 am, it’s not worth the embarrassment of being caught or copping a hefty bill upon checkout.

Image: F.R.I.E.N.D.S