Scuse Us, But The 2024 Olympics Will See Volleyball At The Eiffel Tower

Ah, the Olympics. That beautiful time every four years where we all suddenly become experts on sports like wrestling, steeplechase, and professional walking. There’s no way around it – we bloody love ourselves sick on the Olympics, and staying awake till 4am to watch the fucking modern pentathlon.

The 2024 Olympics are being held in the city of love, Paris. Which is good because we all love sports and would absolutely smooch the sports if we were able to.

Populous and Egis are the brains behind the design of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics, and their plans have been officially approved by the Olympic committee.

Their bold idea is to turn a mammoth area in Paris itself into the Olympic and Paralympic playground. I’m talking right in the thick of it – along the River Seines, up the Champs Elysées, and underneath the bloody Eiffel Tower.

Instead of creating a brand new city where the games will be held, the design team have put forward the idea of creating temporary event spaces in front of some of the most iconic French spaces, which is very good, to me.

The design firm have also got plans in action to make the 2024 Paris Olympic Games the most sustainable ones to date, aligning with Paris’ commitment to the climate change initiative, C40.

Can we just take a moment to think about how bloody great it’s going to be to watch the Olympics and Paralympics play out in front of some of the city’s most iconic spaces? It’s gunna go awf.