6 FOMO-Inducing Travel Instas That’ll Have You Booking Yr Next Trip

If we weren’t uploading #wanderlust photos to our Instagrams this year, we were 100% sitting at home with severe FOMO, smashing the double-tap on all the stunning photos in our feeds. It’s true, don’t you dare lie to yourself (or me) about it.

Truly, some of the folks on Insta that have somehow hit the jackpot and now spend their days travelling and exploring the world are wildly lucky, and super bloody talented at photography. They put our terribly-lit photos of our brunch to shame with their perfectly-curated feeds of picturesque travel spots. It makes that one photo from your long weekend to the coast look pretty crappy in comparison.

We noted down some of the users that are totally going above and beyond the bar when it comes to travel-gramming, because hot damn these make us wanna bail on all responsibilities and impulse-buy a ticket, and bugger off.

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Quin‘s travel photography is absolutely breathtaking. This year has seen him go from Hawaii through the deserts of the United States and plunging in crystal clear pools in the Philippines.

Lauren Bath had us all pining for our own backyards with shots from her tripping across Australia this year (with a bit of a stint in Zimbabwe). Her low-light, long shutter photography of sunsets, night skies, and breathtaking beaches got us remembering that our own country has so much to explore and appreciate.

Aesthetic on point and FOMO flowing hard for Chelsea Yamase, who spent the tail-end of this year in Iceland, making the blisteringly cold country look sizzling hot. God damn take me there right now thanks.

Daniel Kordan hit up the Dolomites in Italy this year and goodness me as if this isn’t just something straight out of a fairytale. How much do you wanna stay for a week in that little cottage under the towering mountains and switch off for a week? Jks I’m addicted to my phone (pls help).

Paris Verra produces stunning content, and looks stunning IN the content too. It’s not fair. Why doesn’t my windswept selfie at the beach look as beautiful as this?

As we headed into the cooler months this year, Chris Burkard was soaking up the Vitamin D in the US. Living vicariously through his summery posts was just enough to tide us over during our Southern Hemisphere winter.

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