Another day, another ridiculously good travel deal, at least that’s the way it seems to me at the moment. If you have any vacay time left over then get yourself over to IKnowThePilot who are spruiking return flights to Los Angeles from the small sum of $758.

That price is flying from Sydney, but prices from Brisbane also only start from $764 return. That, my friends, leaves you plenty of money to spend on Disneyland, because obviously. Or you can waste it on those star tour things, whatever, do you, you can afford it.

Flights are with Hawaiian Airlines, and literally the only drawback is two layovers instead of one on the flight out there. Both will be in Hawaii though, Honolulu and Kailua. Which are both stunning so who cares? There’s only one in Honolulu on the way back.

The travel is from February to April this year and all bags and meals are included, so no hidden million dollar luggage fees.

Here’s the link, go avoid your fomo.