A TikToker Shared Her ‘Perfect’ Melb Vs Syd Analogy & The Comments Section Was A Fkn Gold Mine

A TikToker named Spoonful Of Sarah AKA: Sarah Davidson may have just shared the Melbourne vs Sydney analogy to end all other Melbourne vs Sydney analogies. Fans of city-based similes, you are loved here.

In a video captioned “Couldn’t gatekeep any longer”, Sarah shared her method of explaining the difference between Australia’s two biggest cities to an outsider.


Couldnt gatekeep any longer 🤣🤣🤣 makes so much sense #melbournevssydney #melbourne #sydney

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“Melbourne and Sydney are sisters but Sydney is the pretty sister,” Spoonful Of Sarah began.

“[Sydney] Has always been more overtly beautiful. She’s got the harbour, she’s got the bridge, she’s got Bondi, the good weather.”

Pardon me, the GOOD WEATHER?

The same good weather that made the entire city’s rail network shit itself this week?

Aside from that meteorological misinterpretation, I’m totally on board with this analogy so far. Carry on!

“But because of that, Sydney’s never had to work on her personality,” she continued.

“Her bars, her restaurants, her coffee — not great. But she’s so overtly beautiful that people will keep coming back anyway.”

Yeah, I could agree with that.

Now, let’s travel down south for the Melbourne half of this Melbourne vs Sydney analogy.

“Melbourne is the less overtly attractive sister. She’s still beautiful but in her own subtle way.

“We don’t have the harbour, we have a body of water. It’s pretty at night and at sunset but you’ve gotta look a little harder to appreciate it. So, we’ve had to work on our personality.

“So we [Melbourne] have the best coffee, the best restaurants, rooftop bars, festivals. We’re even fun when it rains.”

Well there you have it! A near-biblical reading from the Book of Melbourne vs Sydney verse 101:1.

As a Melburnian, I’m definitely putting “even fun when it rains” on my resume.

Posted just a day ago, the video has already clocked over half a million views at the time of writing.

It popped off so hard that Spoonful Of Sarah made a follow-up Melbourne vs Sydney TikTok featuring all her favourite comments.


YOU GUYS SENT ME 🤣🤣🤣 Which state should come next and who are they??? #melbournevssydney #australia #relatable

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I won’t lie, “Sydney is the movie and Melbourne is the book” absolutely sent me.