Here’s A Sneak Peek Of Some Of The Most F-Off Cooked Houses From Luxe Listings Sydney S3

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I am a Sydney truther. I believe it is undoubtedly the best city in Australia. It’s home to endless glistening beaches, cozy tree-lined suburbs packed with terrace houses, gorgine bars and restaurants and much to Melbourne’s chagrin, a bustling arts and culture scene.

Everyone here believes they are the main character. It is, in many ways, our answer to LA — and no bit of entertainment shows this off better than Luxe Listings Sydney. The first season premiered on Prime Video last year, and it gave us a look into the ridiculously bombastic and over-the-top homes the (really, really) rich and famous get to dwell in while the lot of us rot away in mould-drenched shoeboxes.

The gang (hot-stuff agents Monika Tu, Simon Cohen, Gavin Rubinstein and D’Leanne Lewis) are back for another season, dropping on Prime Video on September 30th. This season will see them ramp up competition in the property market, take on nail-biting auctions and even try and score Australia’s sweetheart Delta Goodrem a new home.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek into season 3, and let me tell you, some of the houses are absolutely ridic. My wildest dreams have never cooked up such lavishness.

Anywho, here’s a little look into some of the best houses in store throughout

Palm Beach House

palm beach

Palm Beach is kind of like the Malibu of Sydney. It’s a secluded, exclusive suburb so bloody far away from the CBD that you think you’re in a different state every time you bravely drive down Barrenjoey Road to get there. This house has ‘luxury cabin that the rich kids in your grade get left to mind over the school holidays while the parents holiday in Monaco’ vibes. Simply stunning.

The Fun House


This is the house you literally dreamed of designing as a kid. It’s got a garage fit out perfectly for every luxury car under the sun, a cinema, a pool overlooking the water, a tennis court and an actual bowling alley on the roof. WTF. This one is located in the gorgina southern suburb of Blakehurst. Whichever spoilt 8-year-old ends up living in this house is going to be popular as hell.

Saint Lucia


The word luxe has obviously been thrown around a lot in this article, but, this Palm Beach house might be the one that encompasses it fully. It’s got a solid gold bathtub in the bedroom and an estimated value of $27M.

Rose Bay Villa

rose bay

Rose Bay is just stupidly gorgeous. There’s just something about a white exterior that drives me wild. It just looks expensive in the best way possible (I think it’s the way the turquoise pool kind of pops off in contrast here) I can envision an older, fancy lady living here who maniacally laughs as she sips on some champers looking over the view from her balcony.

Bondi Panorama


Don’t listen to anyone who says Bondi is overrated. Whenever I’m within a 5km radius of Bondi, I feel like a celebrity. The beach itself might be packed 24/7, but it’s visually breathtaking. Having a cheeky drink with the girlies at Hotel Ravesies on a Sunday arvo is a Sydney rite of passage. I’m sure whoever lives in this one has a lifetime tab at the bar there.

If you’ve now got mega-house FOMO, you can suss out the trailer for season 3 here. You can indulge in some hardcore voyeurism (and drama) now as the first three episodes have just dropped on Prime Video.

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