Once again, this is not a drill – Emirates – the airline with starry ceilings and more legroom than my bedroom are slinging return flights to London for under a $1000. That’s $987 from Melbourne. Of course after all the add-ons, this comes to a lil’ over $1000 but hey, there is a legitimate return flight to London from Melbs going for $1081. I mean, what’s an extra 81 bucks when you’re flying halfway across the world to try and crash the Royal Wedding? Kidding…

Anywhoo, Emirates is currently offering flights from Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney – soz everyone else, your time will come. But never fear ‘cos Malaysia Airlines are offering the same deal if you’re an extra keen bean.

The Emirates flight includes a layover in Dubai, so I mean it’s a total win, win ‘cos if you’ve been stalking/crying over all the Insta travel bloggers, you’ve probably noticed they’ve all been casually chillin’ in Dubai lately.

Could be you.

Flights from Perth are jettin’ off from $1058 and Sydney from $1090 so you better get in quick ‘cos these are going to sell out fast, if they haven’t already.

Click HERE for that Melbourne Emirates flight, and HERE for Perth, and HERE for Sydney. Be sure to  play around with the dates ‘cos ya never know, you might even find a cheaper one.

Also the flight time is a whopping twenty-three hours and twenty minutes… so decent leg room would be great.

While you’re making up your mind, here are some fab shots of everything London has to offer.

Here’s a pic of the London Eye. Rain, hail, or shine the view’s still bloody good.

Bread. And this delicious pastry.

The big buses.

And Tower Bridge doing their thing.

Now, how did these English lads get in here?

(You can 100 per cent visit 221 Baker Street, Sherlock fans.)

Image: Notting Hill & Instagram / @London