Kelly Slater Is Bringing His Surf Ranch To Queensland So Prepare To Hang The Perfect 10

Kelly Slater - Surf Ranch - Sunshine Coast

Grab your wax and boardies, my dudes, because the surf is well and truly up. Or at least it will be once surf legend Kelly Slater brings his Surf Ranch to Coolum Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

If you’re wondering what a Kelly Slater Surf Ranch is, the first (and until now) only one in existence is chilling in California. Because of course it is. Basically, it’s an artificial lake that uses a system of hydrofoils to create the perfect (man-made) wave to hang 10 on. It’s also 100% solar powered.

As someone who may have grown up on the Central Coast surrounded by beaches but only learned to surf when living in Canada at the local wave pool with no ocean in sight – let me just say that artificial waves are awesome!

The Cali ranch can create waves up to 6.5 feet, but the beauty is they can be adjusted to beginner and intermediate levels. It’s a buttload easier to learn to surf when you know exactly what type of wave is coming.

The Sunny Coast will be the site of the second Surf Ranch in the world, apparently to escape the slowdown in California during the winter months.

The whole thing is costing a ridiculously large $100 million to build. While part of that is obviously being spent on the waves, the facility will also feature an eco-lodge and spots for events. Do I smell freshwater surf comps? Yes, I do.

It sounds COOL guys! There are no dates yet, so maybe just go watch Blue Crush again and get inspired.