Like beer? like dogs? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have the perfect event for you. Puppies and Pints.

As the name suggests, the event has copious amounts of both puppies and pints, so you can adopt your four-legged friend while knocking back a few brewskies. Sounds like a dream come true, I know.

For the second time, the Semi-Pro Brewing Co is teaming up with the RSPCA to help Brisbane dog lovers find their new pets. And what better way to make a new friend than with a beer in hand?

From 10.30am on Sunday, October 6, you can head on down to East Brisbane for what sounds like the best social outing of all time.

You can adopt a dog, but even if you’re not quite ready to make the commitment (please don’t get drunk and adopt a dog you can’t support), you can still have a few bevs while hanging out with good bois.

Semi-Pro have donated a “karma keg” to the event, so if you’re knocking back a beer, you can enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of a charitable donation to the RSPCA.

According to the Facebook event, there will be dog toys and accessories aplenty, as well as bandanas, the karma keg and a secret surprise that’s hidden by the words “watch this space” on the poster. Oooh, I’m a sucker for a good surprise.

You can adopt a dog, bring your own (on a leash) or just bask in the glorious Brisbane sun while hanging out with a bunch of adorable shelter dogs.

If your parents/partner/housemate isn’t quite convinced you should get a dog, take them along to see all the adorable puppies and they’re sure to be convinced. Who can say no to IRL puppy dog eyes? Not me.

I dare you to name a better way to spend your weekend, I fucking DARE you.

Image: Getty Images