This Brewery Offers Paid “Pawternity Leave”, So BRB Moving To Brisbane & Getting 7 Dogs

pawternity leave

A brewery in Brisbane allows staff to take “pawternity leave” to adopt pets, so it looks like we’re all about to be working in hospitality in 2020.

BrewDog Brewery in Brisbane literally lets staff take an extra week of paid (yes, PAID) leave when adopting a furry friend.

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“Basically it’s an extra paid week of leave that you’re able to take when you adopt a puppy or get a new puppy in the house,” BrewDog’s Calvin McDonald told the ABC.

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Happy #Friyay to all our furry friends out there!

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Staff at the company’s other locations across America, Europe and the U.K are already offered the benefit, but this is a first for Aussies.

The scheme is relatively unheard of in Australia, with the RSPCA allowing staff to use carers leave for their pets, but not offering “pawternity leave” themselves.

The first step in becoming a responsible pet owner is deciding whether you’re in a position to even become a pet owner at all.

Obviously, you need to actually have the time and money to care for a pet, but even if you do, it can be hard in those first few weeks when you’d love to chuck multiple sickies to hang out with your adorable new puppy.

So that’s where “pawternity leave” comes in.

Like carers leave, the scheme is designed to give hospitality workers a more flexible work-life balance, hopefully minimising the high turnover that the hospitality industry is renowned for.

“It means that they don’t really want to leave and go anywhere else,” McDonald said.

But BrewDog’s pet-friendly policies don’t just stop with staff members. They’re also 100% dog-friendly, because who doesn’t want to knock back a few frothies with their puppy?

They even offer a Subwoofer IPA, which is a non-alcoholic, hop-free, non-carbonated beer for dogs.

“Craft beer is for everyone, whether you have two or four legs” the brewery said on Instagram.