Jetstar’s Flinging Out Free Rides Home From Japan Again So RIP Your Wallet

If you are a fiend for ramen, gyoza, udon, TREATS, Japanese TREATS, and have a little bit of extra dosh up your sleeve, maybe some annual leave saved up, then today is your day: Jetstar are making your return leg home from Japan cheap as free.

Yup, just buy one of their air fares from Aus over to Osaka or Tokyo for as little as $299 and your trip home is free, nothing, nada, zilch, which tbh seems only fair, considering you’ll be returning from your excellent holiday Harajuku fun times to the drudgery of your everyday life.

Qantas‘ budget airline arm are offering the deal from now, now, rn, until midnight this Sunday, unless they sell out first.

Would you like a better indication of how much you’ll be forking out depending on where you live, and where you would like to go?

Well, if you’re heading to Tokyo from Cairns, it’s from $299. Then from $398 to type ‘cya’ to Brissie, from $444 to bail on Sydney, from $446 to leave Melbourne, from $464 to ditch Adelaide (all with a brief hello to the tropical dreamscape of Cairns).

You can also get yourself to Tokyo via the Gold Coast from $329, from Sydney via the GC for as little as $393, and from Melbs via the GC for $425 or so.

Talking Osaka, it’s a trip from Cairns from $329. But if you’re heading off from Brissie, Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide – with a wave to Cairns – it’s the same price as the trip to Tokyo.

Dates are all roughly mid-May to late June next year, which is the tail end of cherry blossom spring, and the start of summer: maybe hot, sometimes rainy, but full of festival fun, baby!

Think about that money logically: even the most expensive fare from Adelaide is definitely less than what you probably spend on rent in a fortnight in any Aussie capital city. Maybe just don’t buy yourself an elaborate expensive shoe-based Xmas gift this year. Forego Uber Eats for a month or two. Instead you can go realise your pan-Pacific dreams.

Grab yourself those KAWAII *peace sign* Jetstar Japan freebies HERE.