Buy A One Way Ticket To Japan RN & Jetstar Will Sling You Home For Free

Jetstar, the orange-crested kings and queens of budget airfares, want you to book that trip to Japan right bloody now.

In fact, they’re willing to pay for your flight home if you book a one way ticket to the delightful island nation before February 6th.

Yup, slip on your nasu dengaku-smashing bib and get a’clicking, because round trips are flying out the door for as little as AUD$424. Find your own way there and Jetstar will throw your ass back home like a big fluffy ball of teppanyaki rice.

Stumped as to what to do once you arrive?

Come off it, but also:

Eat a truckload of KFC Japan’s low-stench fried chicken, designed purely for bus-ride consumption! Sit on the sidelines of a Wrestle Kingdom match, Japan’s batshit crazy version of WWE! Drink a laxative Coca-Cola and shit yourself!

The opportunities are as endless as Tokyo itself. So what are you waiting for? Say sayonara to your mundane, snag-in-bread-heavy Australian existence and book that dang flight.

Offer ends 11.59pm AEDT Tuesday 6 February 2018, unless sold our prior.