Alert The Group Chat, Jetstar’s Slinging Your Flights Home For Nothin’

The big orange tin cans in the sky, Jetstar, is celebrating its 14th birthday with some shit hot deals to get the heck outta here and go somewhere more ~tropical~ on the cheap – cos Jetstar will fly you home for free.

Look you know the general gist of these things by now. We bring you the good flight deals, you feverishly book a holiday before you even think about lodging your tax, and then spend the next few months figuring out your life before bailing out for a week or so.

We’re almost at the end of the financial year, you bloody deserve it.

If you’re jealous of all those friends of yours who seemingly went to Japan at the same time, then give them deep FOMO by scooting off on a sweet sojourn.

Think Sydney or Melbourne to Vietnam from $259, or maybe Hawaii for $339?

Maybe Adelaide to Bali for $249? Or Gold Coast to Auckland for $159? Or maybe Goldy to Japan for $319?

Get your calendar in check, request that leave, and get the fuck outta town, mate.

Wrangle the group chat together though because the sale ends tomorrow. QUICK GO RUN STOP LOOKING AT THIS AND BOOK THAT FLIGHT.