Eric Koston’s Guide To Los Angeles

Heading to Los Angeles? Here’s a bite-sized insider’s guide courtesy of lifelong Cali resident, street legend and the “Michael Jordan of skateboarding” Eric Koston who we asked to outline his favourite spots in the city when he was in Sydney last month to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Oakley Heritage Collection. From the best coffee in the city to an A-list exercise option, here are Koston’s top four activities in Los Angeles.   

3922 West Sunset Blvd, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA 90029. 
6am – 8pm Sunday – Wednesday 
6am – 11pm Thursday – Saturday
Eric says: “If you like to start your day with coffee, the place I like to go is Intelligentsia. The one I go to is in a neighbourhood called Silverlake. But there are a couple. There’s one in Venice Beach and one in Pasadena which are all towns in LA. Really great coffee if you’re a fan of it.”

1835 Stoner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025. 
Eric says: “There are some great parks in LA. One of my favourites is in West LA almost in the Santa Monica area called Stoner Park, which is kind of funny. That’s the name of the street, it has nothing to do with the quality of guys who are hanging out there, you know? The actual name of the street and the park its located in is Stoner Park and Stoner Avenue so it’s always been that way. It’s a fun park. A great place to chill. You can always get to the beach from there.”    


1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, California 90291.

Eric says: Venice Beach is a fun one. A bit of a freak show. There’s a touristy part of it. It’s everything you’ve seen, I guess, the way it’s depicted is the way it actually is. There’s a beach too, obviously. There’s pubs and stuff along the way if you need a beer. It’s a great place to hang out.”     

2000 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. 
Eric says: “If you want go hiking and get a good view there’s a place called Runyon Canyon. It’s kind of this dirt trail that sits in the Hollywood Hills. A lot of people use it for exercise. You start at the bottom and go to the top in this big loop around. At the top there’s a great view of the city. You can see all downtown. If it’s clear enough you can see as far South as Catalina Island. Great to get the blood pumping.”  
Lead image by Trevor King