Have you been enjoying your Christmas break? Eating lots of food and necking lots of grog? That’s great. However, in taking your much deserved time off, you may have missed the shitfight that was Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend‘s flight from LA to Tokyo. She’s finally landed now, don’t you worry, but MY GOD was it a drama to get there.

The flight suddenly made a U-turn back to LA, oh, you know, just four hours into the flight after crew discovered an unauthorised passenger on board. Basically, there was a dude aboard without the proper ticket, which meant an eight-hour flight to go absolutely nowhere. COOL.

All Nippon Airways, the carrier blessed with the presence of Teigen, Legend, and the unnamed interloper, addressed the clusterfuck in a statement.

During the flight, the cabin crew became aware that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight and notified the pilot,” the airline said.

As part of the airline’s security procedure, the pilot in command decided to return to the originating airport, where the passenger was disembarked.

Because Tiegen is a human angel sent to us from the Twitter + long-legged heavens, she tweeted the whole bloody experience. We’re not going to put them in here, namely because the sheer volume would cause your browser shit itself, but you can check out the full account here.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty. Teigen is preganté. With child. Up the duff. Flights are fucked enough as it is. But look, she got there in the end, tweeting about her arrival about an hour ago.

But, because life’s cooked, she’s now on the hunt for a Nintendo charger. Poor diddums can’t catch a bloody break.