Ben Frost gives us his favourite Galleries around the world

Ben Frost has been exhibiting Internationally for the past 10 years and is currently making art out of Toronto, Canada. He just finished off his last solo exhibition ‘See Inside Box For Details‘ in San Francisco and has been doing an artload of paste-ups and street art projects.

At the moment he’s into product packaging – specifically pharmaceutical and candy slash cereal packages – in a big way. You know what else he’s into? Giving the heads up on which galleries you probablydefinitely need to visit when you’re in-town(s):

SOZE Gallery
Address: 652 Mateo St # 107, Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (619) 971 1834
Opening Hours: Check their website for exhibition times.

Ben says: Located in the Arts District in Downtown LA, Soze is nestled amongst some of the most interesting street art in LA. Soze has a great program for exhibiting and hosting top-notch local and international artists.

Shooting Gallery/White Walls
Address: 839 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (415) 931 1500
Website: +
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12noon-7pm

Ben says: There’s something really special happening in San Francisco, and this is the place to go if you’re ever in town. Big love to Justin, Tova and everybody else that makes this an awesome creative community.

Known Gallery
Address: 441 North Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, California 90036
Phone: +1 310 860 6263
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12noon-7pm, Sunday 12noon-6pm

Ben says: Have only been here a few times, most recently for the Hello Kitty book launch. It’s big, bright and full of candy.

Zero Cool
Address: Show Specific
Opening Hours: Keep up to date with shows on their facey.b (

Ben says: Mostly an online gallery, but Anthony and Chris have been putting together some great pop-up shows, and are now focusing on London. Basically the idea of the gallery is that they can move the location for each show to fit the nature of the work.

Don’t Tell Mama Gallery
Address: 108 Ossington Ave, 2nd Floor, Toronto. Canada. M6J 2Z4
Phone: 416 516 DONT (6338)
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 1pm-7pm

Ben says: A new space in Toronto that exhibits and nurtures emerging and established street art talent. Canada needs more galleries like this.

Ambush Gallery Sydney
Address: 4 James Street, Waterloo NSW, 2017
Phone: (02) 8399 0707
Opening Hours: While on exhibition? Friday to Sunday ?12noon-4pm??, Other times? Monday to Saturday by appointment only.

Ben says: Bill and John are the go-to guys in Sydney. Ambush provides not only inexpensive exhibitions and events for artists, but is now offering artist residencies. We stayed there on our last trip back to Sydney – and it was so great.

Address: 441 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
Phone: (02) 9560 1660
Opening Hours: Sunday 11am-4pm, Tuesday to Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

Ben says: The R.J. Williams flagship complex hosts events, walls to be painted and an awesome Gallery/skate/clothing store with a community orientated flavour. Respect to John and Nate for all the great stuff they’re providing to Sydney.

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