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Bali is a place that doesn’t need our endorsement. It just doesn’t. It’s close to Aus, affordable as heck, and is just redic beautiful in general. If you’ve been to Bali and disagree, then chances are you wasted your vaycay all-fours’ing on the Engine Room pool table, which is a crying shame. Kuta‘s a hoot and all, but the Balinese islands are summin’ else entirely.

You’ll get action of a different kind should you forgo the party route / root and visit these destinations instead: 


Photo: DeAgostini / Getty.

Ubud is a bloody must for anyone visiting Bali and is located only an hour and a bit north of Kuta. No matter what restaurant you go to, try the Gado Gado pls. For me. Here’s all the other epic stuff y’can do in Ubud:


Photo: Facebook / Ubud by Bike.

The best way to see Bali is by bike. If you’re nervy about a moped because – let’s face it – it can be dangerous (I’ve got a cute leg burn to prove it), then the run-of-the-mill bicycle is for you. We know it can be quite the strenuous activity (how *do* those Deliveroo kids do it?), so opt for a downhill bike tour. I did one, and didn’t huff and puff until at least the last five minutes. There’s a car following you the whole time in preparation for your lacking fitness levels too, so dw about that.


Photo: Chantelle Schmidt.

It’s free (basically, like a small donation entry fee) and is the best thing ever if you’re not easily terrified by monkeys of all shapes and sizes getting up in your grill. For the most part it’s just damn cute. Baby monkeys. Mummy monkeys. Daddy monkeys. Waterfalls. You know, the usual. 


Photo: Instagram / @f_kmori.

Purifying springs where locals bathe in holy water. Try not too burst up in flames when your evil ass gets in there. Just kidding, you’ll be fine and feel born again etc. 


Photo: Chantelle Schmidt.

Don’t get suckered in to thinking that Bali’s beaches are limited to Kuta’s cum-infested waters. Uluwatu and Padang Padang are not only A+ surfing spots but also all-round stunning for chillaxing. Go there. Go there now.


Photo: Flickr / Graham Hills.

An upperclass take on Kuta, Seminyak is the go-to for wining, dining, relaxing, pampering, shopping etc. Get a villa while you’re there, seriously. Affordable yet you feel like royalty. You don’t get that every day, folks.


Photo: Instagram / @parkkk.ja.

As the saying goes, if you went to Seminyak and didn’t go to Potato Head Beach Club, did you ever truly Seminyak at all? NO. THE ANSWER IS NO. There is an infinity pool backing onto the beach, a swim up bar, a grass hill sitting area with stadium-style seating around it and day beds. It’s always busy, so time your visit wisely. 


Photo: Instagram / @Bodyworksbali.

Anything in the beau-tay department is cheap as chips in Bali, but rather than get a massage on the beach to the soundtrack of families and other annoying humans, do it right. 

“Book in for a half day pamper session at Bodyworks. On the more expensive side of massages in Bali but they are TDF.”Whitney Higginson.


Whether you hit up Gili T (the bigger, party island), Gili Meno (for da honeymooners) or Gili Air (for the ~chill~, laid-back peeps), these islands are unlike anything else. For example, all three islands don’t allow cars, so you need to either opt for a bike or horse, which makes it super quiet and chill rather than anxiety-inducing. You’ll need to get a boat over from the main island of Bali, so please, for the love of god, do not make the same mistake as me and do that hungover.


Photo: Flickr / Francesco.

The water here is crystal freaking clear. It’s also quite warm, so, like, that’s nice. That being said, this is *the* place to get ~under the sea~, down where it’s better / wetter etc.

“You absolute have to go snorkling or scuba. I swam with turtles every day for a week. Some amazing coral bombies too, and the water is like a bath.”Chloe Patterson.

Try not to have too big of a night beforehand, so that your breath can go the distance. You know what I mean. 


Photo: Chantelle Schmidt.

The nightlife here is good, namely because it’s chill and feels like a backyard house party of sorts. Mingle.


Photo: Flickr.

‘The Datu Swing’ in Gili T is one of those most frothed over pic opps of the Balinese Islands. Double taps await, you guys.


Photo: Chantelle Schmidt.

Photo: Chantelle Schmidt.

Just imagine: dining on the beach, watching the sun go down while chowing down on the best seafood your gob has ever touched. Omg that’s a reality. 

The first time I went to Jimbaran Bay (there’s 100s of restaurants on the water to choose from) I was a bubby 10 years old. I’ve never gone to Bali without going back.

Look I know you lot have lives to live so I will not go on any longer. But I could. Not lying. The place is big and beautiful and perfect and has A+ destinations that span far beyond this list, which tbh just scraped the surface.

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