Adidas Dropped A Pair Of Beer & Barf-Proof Sneakers In Time For Oktoberfest

Let me set the scene. You’re about an hour into a long session at the biggest beer-centric fezzy in Germany – Oktoberfest. You’re making your way back from the loos – yeah you’ve broken the seal – and you bump into the person of your dreams…who drops half their stein of beer right onto your feet.

Don’t worry friend, because Adidas launched a pair of bloody party-proof sneaks that will a) save your feet from getting covered in all sorts of liquids and b) not look like gumboots.

They’re a limited edition release as part of the München collection, and they’re sturdy and about as subtly gaudy as the lederhosen you’ll probably be donning in the beer tents.

Adidas claim the shoes are made with “DRPR technology”, which stands for drink-proof, puke-proof, so you know they’ll last a solid session on the Belgian beverages. Even the laces are covered in a beaut layer of splashproof tech, so not even those can get tainted.

Adorned with intricate detailing to match your outfit (and what looks to be a tiny embroidered pretzel on the back!), red and white gingham print inside to tie in with the traditional tablecloths and “PROST” emblazoned on the side above the iconic Adidas triple stripe, these kicks will keep you feeling fresh – especially if your face says otherwise.

They’ll set you back a few clams – almost $300 to be exact – but hey, it’ll be worth it when everyone else has to chuck out their shoes after a day at Oktoberfest. Oh, and you get a free limited edition beer mug as well. Hell yeah.