A Few Of Tokyo’s Best Karaoke Joints Worthy Of Yr Angelic Vocal Cords

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Japan should pride itself as being the home of everything weird ‘n wonderful. We’re talking: cuddle cafes (honorary mention to its cat and bunny cafe chains too), restaurants serving canned food exclusively, robot cabaret, capsule hotels, offensively expensive melons, and, well… you get the picture. 
At the heart of this otherworldly country is the mystifying metropolis of Tokyo. It’s a city you shouldn’t want to have on the ol’ bucket list, but rather need to have on the ol’ bucket list. So, given that you’ll end up there at some stage of your existence, you’ll need to get around the art that is karaoke – and here are just a few of the hundreds of joints available for you to work on your craft. 
Go get your Whitney Houston on, fam.
1KARA – Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Photo: 1Kara / Facebook.
If you’ve found yourself in Japan with your karaoke virginity still intact, then you might want to head to 1Kara first. This establishment separates itself from competitors by offering private booths to its patrons, which can act as perfect nerve-destroying spaces for non-veterans. If you’re seasoned in the art of karaoke then it’s also a great place to swing past. What could be more therapeutic than belting out your faves without others hassling you for the mic?
KARAOKE KANSeveral venues, Tokyo.
Photo: Karaoke Kan.
You had us at all-you-can-drink deals until dawn, Karaoke Kan. Yep, this go-to karaoke chain has branches all over Tokyo offering incredible specials and an outrageously decent banger list. Their rooms range from VIP, basic, and even 60-person-capacity situations (if you’ve managed to have won the lotto and are taking a jet full of mates on a holi) (or you could just catch a normal flight with our pals at AirAsia) (you do you, boo). Note: you have to buy at least one drink when you’re there on top of the regular fare, which isn’t the worst thing in our books. 
AMOUR BAR & KARAOKE – Minato-ku, Tokyo.
As a wise person never said, “Go where Gaga goes”. Yes, Lady Gaga was a patron of the relatively chilled (especially when stacked against the city’s other spots) and chic establishment that is Amour Bar & Karaoke – solidifying its status as a damn-fine place to sing the night away at. Make sure you book in advance as it only has four private rooms available. 
KARAOKE47Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo.
Photo: Keio Plaza Hotel.
It’s time to get high, y’all. Like, 47th-floor high. The Keio Plaza Hotel’s Karaoke47 has a bunch of rooms available for folks just like to sing your lil’ hearts out while taking in panoramic views of Tokyo’s skyline. WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE ‘GRAM CONTENT?! Like, it’ll more than cover the cost of your flight there?! 
Tokyo’s karaoke scene looks pretty solid, don’t it? Hmmmmm, if only there was a way for you to go there for free to experience the city’s best bits + belt out the tunes… 
PLOT TWIST: there IS a way. Watch the below video for the 411.

Yes, you and a mate could be cruising around Tokyo’s best karaoke bars with the man / myth / legend, Mr Guy Sebastian, before you know it. 

Okay, we appreciate that going up against such a talented vocalist might be a tiny bit intimidating. Then again, you might show him what-for (probs not, but y’all can dream). What we know for sure, however, is that he’s a top notch dude – there’s no way you won’t have an ace time, even if you accidentally / unintentionally butcher ‘Angels Brought Me Here‘. 
The runner-up won’t walk away empty handed either, winning two flights to Bali courtesy of our m8s AirAsia – an airline that flies to over 120 destinations across the globe, three of which are in Japan.