PEDESTRIAN.TV and Mastercard have teamed up to show you the wide array of sweet rewards you could be reaping as a Mastercard Debit Rewards member. I gotta tell ya, folks, the deals are pretty damn good. Like, did you know you could be upgraded to Vmax every time you go to the movies? Check them all out here.

You know what sucks a big one? Missing out on something. But in ~today’s day and age~ the concept of FOMO is even harder than it once was – before say, Instagram and the like existed.

Through the help of filters and momentary grins, things appear to be a lot more enjoyable than they actually are. And even though we’re privy to that, it doesn’t mean that the feeling of not being there hurts any less.

We headed down to Sydney‘s Cronulla Beach to find out what strikes FOMO in the heart of beach punters and yep, you bet your bums most answers surrounded social media. That and missing an ep of Game of Thrones, which I hear is a popular and, at times, incest program. But anyway, you can watch the results of our FOMO research (if you will) below.

As you can see, we were down in the sand to make sure you lot weren’t missing out on even more in life, including the rewards you cop just by being a Debit Mastercard holder, which, like, if you own a bank card of any kind, you very, very likely are. Good work you!

We popped up a bunch of beach lockers, made pretty by artist George Rose, which had a bunch of surprises inside like Xbox game passes, free movie tickets, Crust pizza vouchers, sunnies and a whole heap of summer beach wares.

Photos: Luke Latty.

We did the same thing all over again at Melbourne‘s St Kilda Beach too, asking punters how they choose to reward themselves.

Little did they know they were about to reap some rewards of their own. BLOODY FREEBIES GALORE DOWN THERE, MATES.

Photos: Rez Harditya

But even if you missed out (soz for the FOMO), you can snap up Mastercard Debit Rewards sick offers here to make sure you’re missing out NO MORE.

Just so you know, it includes things like a one-pass Gigged In plan, discounted popcorn + drink combos for the movies at Event Cinemas and free upgrades to Event Cinemas’ Vmax. Oh, you can also enter these comps to win the latest Xbox One X or a year’s worth of Crust pizza. Not bad, my friends.

To believe all these freebies and offers have been available to us and we just didn’t know. A crying shame, really.