FOMO Festival Just Rinsed This Attempted QLD Scalper To Death & Back

It is known that ticket scalpers are some of the scummiest pieces of shit that exist in this increasingly garbage world, so join me in having no shame in mocking this fuckbag that just got publicly rinsed by FOMO festival’s social media team.

Only known by Reilly, this supreme c-bag was attempting to flog a ticket he’d purchased for the upcoming sideshow for American rapper and producer Post Malone in Brisbane on Gumtree, when FOMO themselves caught him out and p much shamed him online.

YAAAAAASSS hunty, drag him!

Reilly was attempting to sell a ticket to the sold out event for $350 bucks which is a smidge higher than the original $71 true punters shelled out for the gig.

Due to the fact the dipshit posted the exact order number and his IRL mobile number, it was super easy for FOMO to go ahead and cancel his tickets for breaking the Ts & Cs, which is what they went ahead and did.

Quick reminder: if you use sites like Gumtree to purchase or sell gig tickets, you’re single-handedly contributing to the ongoing shitfight that the Australian music industry continues to battle through and you should have a long hard look at yourself and your life choices.

Head to the post itself to read the pure joy of this online rinsing in the comments. Also, I like to think the deadshit is getting a handful of delightful text messages right about now.

Sucked in fucko.