For those who live outside of the loving embrace of a local train station, getting around without a car can be a real pain in the dick. 

If this is you, your prayers have been answered. You can finally venture past your dank local pub and into the wider community with a newfound ease ‘cos Uber have partnered with trip planning app TripGo to let you plan door-to-door trips via the one app. Praise the transport lords. 
You can now book and synchronise your Uber with public transport via the TripGo app across 7 cities – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.  
Granted, the non-lazy have been doing this for yonks, but having the ability to book everything in the one place is definitely something that’ll get more travellers on board. 
David Rohrsheim, General Manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, says this combining of forces is a smart way to get y’all around the place. 

“Aligning ridesharing with public transport systems is one of the smartest ways to help people move around the city without the need for costly infrastructure developments or owning a personal vehicle,” he said.   

“Uber is working with cities and local transport systems around the world to solve the first and last mile problem, and this partnership will help feed more people into, and effectively expand the reach of existing public transport services.”

Source: Uber.
Photo: The Fast and The Furious 5.