Of all the Mario games, Super Mario World is definitely up there with the best (SMB3 is obviously number one). The soundtrack alone still gets stuck in my head for absolutely no reason. 

Astonishingly, people are still discovering new tricks and quirks in the game 26 years after its release. 
Remember Big Boo? He’s the giant version of the ghosts that will only ever attack you if your back is turned, like a dirty 16-bit Judas. If you face him, he stops and blushes. Maybe he’s just really into Mario?
It was widely accepted that you can never kill Boo, only run from him like a coward. I refuse to accept that the greatest Italian plumber of all time runs from ghosts. 
But it turns out you can actually kill the video game spectre by sliding down some fucking stairs

That’s all you had to do. 26 years of my life have been a lie and I’m not sure how to reconcile this total fucking of my mind. 
The revelation comes from the quirky Tumblr page Supper Mario Broth, who shell out all sorts of Mario trivia. 
Furthermore, did you know those little smiley faced blobs had a purpose, too? You could slide down them to kill enemies. 

Aw man, I just thought they were decorative blobs. I need to lie down. 
Photo: Super Mario World.