Twitter Is Losing It After Learning Of Mario’s Frankly Enormous Father

A Twitter user has pointed out some weird-ass shit about Mario‘s origins today, most notably, that he has an utterly enormous father.

@Miexriir posted a couple of screenshots from a Wiki page about an obscure anime called Super Mario Issun-bōshi, in which Mario is pictured in the hands of his large father.

That is a very big Papa indeed. Michal wasn’t the only one baffled by this piece of information, either.

Others started making guesses at why Mario has a humongous dad, but only one of them was right on the money.

Yep, @Zichxo is right, this is a Japanese fairy tail with characters from the Mario universe worked into it. It’s insanely odd, but by no means canon. Essentially, the story is about an old childless couple who pray for a baby, only he is born extremely small. The baby becomes a warrior and saves a kidnapped girl.

In the Mario variant, the baby is delivered via shooting star and becomes adventurous, begging his folks to let him travel around and stuff, but they take some convincing. Eventually, he’s allowed to go but gets swallowed whole by Bowser while trying to save Princess Peach.

You can watch the anime below with English subs, which features a baby Mario with a full and impressive moustache.