‘World Of Warcraft Classic’ Has Attracted Huge Crowds And Very Polite, Orderly Queues

Today marks the launch of World of Warcraft Classic, a server option version of the intensely popular MMORPG that winds the clock back to its original state, and to say it’s been popular is a screaming bloody understatement.

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The re-released version of the game strips the game back to patch 1.12.1, giving players the exact same experience they would’ve had with the game if they’d logged on in about September of 2006.

That means original release gameplay, original release landscapes, original release dungeon and raid runs, and, as it turns out, original release server queues.

A literal Horde of players attempting to log on on day one of the game’s release were faced with incredibly long waits just to see the character screen, which is the kind of nostalgic attention-to-detail you simply do not get in today’s age of instant gratification.

But once in the OG Azeroth, something fairly remarkable has been happening all day: Players, finding themselves in massive crowds surrounding quest markers and items, have been forming orderly queues and patiently waiting their turn.

It’s a frankly insane spectacle. Hundreds of players in this vast, open world, all patiently waiting their turn to pick up a quest item. No line jumping. Everyone behaving nicely. All things in their right place.


A genuine spectacle. Who would’ve thought in the year of our lord 2019 that something as cesspitish as the godforsaken Barrens chat could be transformed into an orderly, cordial thing of beauty?

There’s no expansion packs, no Cataclysms to scorch the earth here. Just pure, base-level WoW and people being polite. It’s a wondrous sight to behold.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna chuck some LA Ice in the fridge, dust off my Appleseed Cast CDs, and politely join a party running The Scarlet Monastery. Gaming is good again, baby! AwoooOOoOo!

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