Just 9 Chaotic Versions Of Wordle To Occupy My Fellow Nerdles While We Wait For The Next Gamle

Different Wordle variations to play.

Wordle, the puzzle game that everyone is frothing over, only comes out once a day — so here’s nine spin-offs of the game to play while you wait for your next go.

So, you’ve played today’s Wordle. Maybe you got it in three and want to push your lucky streak as far as it can go.  Maybe you got it in six and need to prove to yourself that you are not, in fact, a dumbass.

Or maybe you’re just a humble little nerdle that has no trouble admitting that playing this game is your latest addiction and if you don’t guess at least five words a day you’re going to go apeshit. I get it.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the Wordle variations I could find to keep you both entertained and frustrated as we wait for our beloved daily puzzle.

Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is basically exactly the same as Wordle, but you can play it as many times in a day as you want. Just hit enter once you’ve completed the game and it’ll restart with a fresh word, providing your little monkey brain with fresh waves of dopamine whenever you get the craving.

It’s great for those of you who want to get better at Wordle — not that it’s really a skill game (at least, that’s what I tell myself) but it’s a great way to familiarise yourself with new words and patterns. We love a good warm up, and considering I once lost a game of Wordle because I didn’t actually know the word of the day, it’s good practice.


Dordle is a game where you play two games of Wordle at the same time, doubles if you will, and its for those of you who like a challenge. It has both a daily version (so you can compare notes to your friends) and an unlimited free version (so you can practice it to beat your friends).

It essentially has two Wordle games side by side — but the catch is that the word you guess applies to both Wordles. Meaning you have to be strategic and try and use letters that don’t double up in both games.

Or at least, that’s the ideal way to play it. But if you’re smooth-brained like me, you can just play the left game first, hope you get it in three or four guesses, and then use the remaining three on your other game. It does give you an extra guess at least!

Me playing Dordle and actually being good at it for once.


Lewdle is also almost exactly like the original Wordle — except the daily word is naughty.

If you’re an innocent little baby bean like me, Lewdle sucks because you won’t know any of the words. But if you’re a dirty little street rat that is well familiarised with the maze of Urban Dictionary (which is where this game links out to), then by all means, go ahead.

The curse of Lewdle used to be that you could’t donkey-guess random words, which I do in Wordle sometimes if I can’t think of one with the correct letters but just need to know if there’s an “S” at the end. But because so many people were struggling this, the game has now been updated to make it more playable.


Probably one of the most evil games ever, Absurdle doesn’t actually have a chosen guess — you guess letters, and it will change the answer constantly to evade you, trying to maximise the amount of guesses it takes you to nail the word. It’s like if Wordle was controlled by Satan. Be warned, tears will ensue.

Evil Wordle

Self-described as “Wordle’s evil twin”, Evil Wordle is somehow even more evil than Absurdle. It functions the same in that the word constantly changes depending on your guess to try and fool you — but it also has different modes for extra suffering.

Evil Wordle, a variation or spin-off of the original game.

You can change the game from six letters instead of five, play in hard mode,  and add a timer. Pretty sure I would rather die than do that last one, but I imagine there are some masochists among us who will enjoy it.


The yassification of Wordle, basically, Queerdle is pink for all the gays and theys. Its icon is a cute rainbow little cat face and the grid is 8×6 for some reason.  Yaaas quee[rdle].


Wordawazzle Aussie slang version of Wordle, and honestly, the fact that they could have just called it Wazza… a crime was committed here.


Taylordle is Wordle (Taylor’s Version). It functions the same, but all the words are Taylor Swift related — and not all of them are dictionary-approved words, considering their pop culture basis. Though one of the recent guesses was scarf, so they’re still guessable!


Wordle for swears, but with four letter words and only four guesses. In case you want to diversify your arsenal of insults that currently just consists of “dick”, “shit” and “fuck”. Not all of us are born artists.


This technically isn’t a Wordle variation but a whole new game, so I’ve included it as a bonus to the nine games in this list. Why? Because Primel doesn’t have any words. It’s not even a linguistics game. You have to guess a five digit prime number. Honestly, this has the same menacing energy as Evil Wordle and I do not like it.

Well there ya have it folks. Nine games to keep you occupado in these trying times, perfect for hyper-fixating on to avoid responsibilities while feeling superior to everyone. Happy playing!