Here’s Your Curated List Of Which Artists Have And Which Artists *Should* Record In Simlish

Honestly, Sims music fucken slaps.

The aesthetic, the nostalgia and, dare I say, the language, are all iconic. If French is the language of love, then Simlish is the language of bangers.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of our faves have recorded versions of their songs in the fabled tongue.

The list of those who have recorded Simlish tracks is meaty, but there are still plenty more who haven’t yet, but should.

Strap in as we dissect the psycho-linguistic consequences of exposing Mortimer Goth to My Chemical Romance, and consider which artists have yet to answer their calling.

Those who did

1. Katy Perry

Who could forget with Ms Katy Perry dropped a Simlish version of “Hot N Cold”. It’s the perfect soundtrack for whenever I try to recreate MasterChef in The Sims 2 (plz don’t judge).

2. Gabriella Cilmi

Holy shit. Australia’s own Gabriella Cilmi was not a one-hit-wonder. She was a 1.5-hit-wonder!

“Sweet About Me” still holds up to this day, and to think a generation of young Americans grew up listening to this underrated Aussie gem warms the cockles of this writer’s heart.

3. Jason Derulo

Perhaps to remind gamers they’ve been staring at a screen for far too long, Jason Desrouleaux recorded a Simlish version of “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, a.k.a. that song you hear when you realise you’ve long overstayed your visit at a very, very basic club.

No offence to Jason, tho.

4. My Chemical Romance

Turns out the Simlish translation of “na na-na-na” is, well, the same.

MCR’s addition to the Simlish music catalogue was a much needed soundtrack to our straight-haired, skinny-jeans-wearing digital alter egos.

5. The Veronicas

Why did nobody tell me about this at the time?!

Trust Lisa and Jessica Origliasso to lend one of their iconic bangers to an iconic video game. In this instance, the Simlish version of “When It All Falls Apart” somehow manages to sound just as natural as the original.

6. Tally Hall

They’re not huge in Aus (or even in the US), but Tally Hall are a guilty pleasure of mine and it’s abundantly clear why the good folks at Maxis felt the same way.

Their unique brand of quirky, upbeat college rock perfectly fits the whole vibe of the Sims.

7. Soulja Boy

Try to think of the two most important cultural resets of the 2000s and you’ll get The Sims and Soulja Boy. So it was only a matter of time before he started spitting bars in Simlish.

Pity it wasn’t something a bit more well-known like “Crank That” or “Kiss Me Through The Phone”, but this will suffice. The onomatopoeia of “bammer-bammer-bammer” translates very nicely into Simlish, tyvm.

Who else?

Turns our there are a LOT of medium-to-big name artists who’ve recorded songs in Simlish. I can’t fit them all in one humble article, but I can list a few other other big names: 3OH!3, All Time Low, Carly Rae Jepsen (queen!), Chromeo, Good Charlotte, Lily Allen, Natasha Bedingfield (queen!), Nelly Furtado, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland, Kelis (queen!) and OK Go. You can peep a far more exhaustive list here.

Those who should

1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki is quite literally the queen of singing and rapping in different voices, and some of those voices have big Simlish energy. Take “Starships”. To anyone over the age of 40, those lyrics are basically Simlish anyway. In the live version, her ad-libs take it to a whole other level

Nicki is fast and always has total control over her voice modulation – a perfect candidate to perform in Simlish.

2. JoJo Siwa

Not only does JoJo dress like a Sim, but the has the energy of one, too. Just watch any of her vlogs and try to keep up with the “Heyeveryoneit’sJoJowelcomebacktomyYouTubechanneltoday…” while she bounces around the screen as if she’s just made the best damn goopy carbonara in all of Strangetown.

And if you haven’t seen her live show, you absolutely must. There’s a moment where she communicates with a unicorn and the whole thing is pure Simlish if you ask me.

3. Mark Ronson

Is this one a copout because featuring artists always sing in his songs? Maybe.

But the point is, Mark Ronson‘s habit of producing absolute bangers with meaningless lyrics mean they’d be perfect in Simlish. Don’t tell me you can’t picture your Sims getting down to “Bang Bang Bang” (the chorus of which is in French, which may as well be Simlish) or “Uptown Funk”.

4. Scatman John

I mean…

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