WATCH: Primary School Fav Lemmings Lands A ‘Pokémon GO’-Style Reboot

Microsoft‘s venture into augmented reality, the HoloLens, has had a somewhat awkward beginning. Like the early days of VR, no one really knows what the fuck to do with it right now. 

But design firm Globacore has given it a red-hot crack by bringing the classic strategy game Lemmings to life in your living room. Better yet, they’ve called it HoloLems. Nice.
Lemmings was a 2D side-scrolling game that tasked you with saving the lives of tiny green-haired weirdos by assigning them tasks such as building stairs or literally exploding. As their name suggests, they’ll happily follow each other off a cliff if left to their own devices. 
Instead of the lush, pixelated graphics of 1991, HoloLems puts the critters into your own environment, granting the ability to create infinite levels if you can be arsed rearranging your stuff or going outside. 
It’s a fun way to showcase the possibilities of AR in a way that isn’t Pokémon, but the HoloLens still has a lot of hurdles to jump in its infancy. Suss out the HoloLems demo in the video below. 
Source: Gizmodo.
Photo: Globacore.