‘Watch Dogs Legion’ Will Let You Play As Anyone, Even Little Old Ladies

Ubisoft had its pre-E3 briefing today, and while there wasn’t a stack of new games, Watch Dogs Legion was officially announced and looks incredibly cool.

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The event kicked off with a fun little online gaming etiquette class with the one and only Ice T. He calls some people motherfuckers, which is always a good time, but the underlying message of not being an asshole online is much appreciated. It’s worth a watch if you wanna suss it out below.

Ok, so back to the games, Watch Dogs Legion was unveiled pretty much first up, showing off its unique concept which is the ability to play as virtually any NPC in the entire game.

Set in a socially decaying London, the vibe is very much post-Brexit, which is actually something creative director, Clint Hocking mentioned in his introduction.

“Today, with Brexit, London’s at a turning point,” he said. “It’s hard to predict what the future holds for London, for the UK, or for the world.” 

It all sounds pretty heavy, with the city being overrun by extremists and “deportation squads” ripping folks from their homes. Wild stuff. In terms of gameplay, Legion looks very interesting, in that you don’t play as a central character, you play as, quite literally, whoever the fuck you want.

As you play, you’ll recruit NPCs to your cause, who you’ll then be able to control in the game. Anyone from businessmen, anarchist punks, unassuming nerds, and even little old grandmas are playable and fully voice acted. The scale is fucking mindboggling.

If the character you’re playing as dies, they’re lost forever, leaving you to inhabit another member of your resistance.

Outside of this, the gameplay looks to be pretty standard, sending you on all kinds of missions including fist fights, gun fights, and riding goddamn drones, so there’s certainly plenty for you to do.

Watch Dogs Legion is due for release on March 6, 2020. You can watch all the footage in the video below.