Here’s Where You Can Get The Samsung Galaxy S24 For Cheap Along With A Free Watch6 & Buds2 Pro

samsung galaxy s24 plans australia
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Samsung is kicking the new year off with a bang. Last month during its Galaxy Unpacked event, it announced the newest version of its flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24. This fancy new phone comes in three flavours, the standard edition, the mid-range S24+ and the large-and-in-charge S24 Ultra.

These new phones feature all the buffs and upgrades you’d expect – better screens, better batteries and a new processor – but the biggest addition is a heap of AI software features. These include image editing tools and the ability to live translate conversations.

Samsung also announced a brand new smart device, the Galaxy Ring. Details for this new wearable are scarce, but it looks like it’ll be able to track your health data while worn on your finger.

If your current phone is barely holding a charge and your screen looks like a death metal band’s logo – or you’re a fiend for having the newest tech – here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S24, along with the cheapest preorder plans available.

What’s new with the Samsung Galaxy S24 range?

samsung galaxy s24 plans australia
Image: Samsung

The Galaxy S24 range will be running on the new Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, with larger batteries (compared to last year’s S23 series) and new displays with adaptive refresh rates. Samsung also isn’t doing 128GB models this year, so 256GB is now the smallest storage size across each handset.

The S24 Ultra models also come with a built-in S pen, along with a titanium chassis, similar to Apple’s high-end iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

The S24 and S24+ both come with triple back-mounted cameras – 50MP main with 2x optical zoom quality, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP with 3x optical zoom – along with a 12MP selfie camera.

As usual, the S24 Ultra comes with a beefier rear camera array – 200MP wide-angle with 2x optical zoom quality, 50MP with 5x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom quality, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP with 3x optical zoom – and a 12MP front-facing camera.

As we mentioned before, the real star of the show is the range of Galaxy AI features. There’s the impressive Live Translate feature, which will translate conversations in real-time, along with Interpreter, which can translate two different languages at the same time. Although these features only support a few select languages, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Korean.

Galaxy AI will help you remove shadows and glass reflections from photos and uses Generative Edit to fill in gaps, enlarge or shrink objects or even add or remove objects. It can also upscale photos to Super HDR and apply Instant Slo-Mo to videos. Any photo that has been edited with this AI feature will also be slapped with a watermark saying as much.

You can check out a more in-depth look at these AI features and more here, courtesy of our pals at Gizmodo Australia.

What is the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S24 range in Australia?

The Galaxy S24 range will be released in Australia on February 7, with preorders kicking off from January 18.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S24 cost in Australia?

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: Starts from $1,399 for 256GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+: Starts from $1,699 for 256GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Starts from $2,199 for 256GB

Are there any good preorder offers?

There are! The Big Three telcos are pretty keen to get your business, so they’re all running exclusive preorder offers.

If you preorder any of the Galaxy S24 handsets, Optus will give you a pair of Galaxy Buds2 Pro (valued at $349) and a Galaxy Watch6 (valued at $699) as bonus gifts.

Meanwhile, Vodafone will knock off a few hundred bucks from your plan, depending on which handset you pick up. You’ll save $200 off the Galaxy S24, $250 off the S24+ and $300 off the S24 Ultra. These discounts will be spread over the length of your 24 or 36-month plan. On top of this, if you trade in an eligible device Vodafone will also give you a $400 bonus credit with the credit you’ll get for your old phone.

If you preorder a Galaxy S24 phone with Telstra, you’ll get a free Samsung Tab S9 FE (valued at $949).

If you prefer to buy your new phones outright, Amazon Australia is currently running a preorder offer. You’ll score a free storage upgrade (256GB becomes 512GB across all models, while the S24 Ultra’s 512GB model becomes 1TB), along with Amazon promotional credit valued up to $150.

You can read about Amazon Australia’s Galaxy S24 deal here.

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 preorder plans

36-month plans

24-month plans

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24+ preorder plans

36-month plans

24-month plans

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra preorder plans

36-month plans

24-month plans

Image: Samsung