Where To Find UFOs, Ghosts & A Vampire In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a few weeks, folks have been finding all sorts of weird and wonderful easter eggs throughout its world. Some are hilarious, others are kinda creepy, and a bunch reference other Rockstar games.

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Here are some of the best ones getting around at the moment.


If you head to the swamps of Lemoyne at night, you can see the ghost of Agnes Dowd, who players say can be encountered up to 16 times.

According to those who’ve located her, she hangs out around the Bluewater Marsh towards the west and usually comes out around 2 AM (in the game’s time, obviously). You’ll know you’re near her when you start hearing hysterical ravings of her final moments, but sometimes you’ll only hear her and others, you’ll only see her. Each time, her story becomes darker as you uncover how she died.

You can see an example in the video below.

There’s also a ghost train in the area which only comes out at night. Don’t try getting too close to it, though, because it’ll scare the shit out of your horse.

A robot

There’s a stranger quest in the game which tasks you with helping an eclectic scientist bring his robot son to life by doing a bunch of things for him. You can see the mission below.

If you revisit old mate later on, you’ll see his robot is missing and that his lab is a bloody mess. Welp, you can track him to the top of a mountain where he sits alone, calling out for his papa. For some reason, it breaks my damn heart.

Meteorites and UFOs

Located to the northeast of Annesburg, a cabin called Meteor House holds a crater and some, uh, pretty messed up bodies. As it turns out, they were killed by a meteor which you can actually pick up.

There are also a couple of UFO encounters in the game, one of which seems to echo back (or forwards) to GTA V.

The other is a little creepier and seems to involve some kind of cult.


An elusive bigfoot character has featured in a few Rockstar titles over the years, and he’s back again in RDR2. This time, you can actually have a conversation with him. See how in the clip below.

You can also find huge skeletons around the map which look a lot like what you’d expect a sasquatch’s bones to look like. Neat.

Creepy cabin man

There’s a strange cabin hidden in the Bayou Nwa in Lemoyne which contains a  bunch of creepy stuff written on its walls correlating to the story missions in the game and what Arthur has been through. Furthermore, there’s a painting which doesn’t look like much at first, but if you go back after completing more of the game, it changes. When you finish everything and go back, you’ll see a full-blown painting of a man.

The man apparently resembles someone from a quest in the original Red Dead Redemption. Check it out below.

The Epsilon Cult

The Epsilon Cult actually appeared in GTA V and now, folks have found evidence of it in RDR2 during a side mission. After speaking to a man with a birthmark which features on the Epsilon website for GTA, folks are convinced that the man is a time traveler, not only because of the mark but because he uses words like “jazzed” which Arthur doesn’t understand.

You can check it out in the video below.

A plague-ravaged town in Red Dead Redemption 2

There’s not a whole lot to discover here, but in the town of Pleasence, there’s a big barn with “KEEP OUT PLAGUE” written on it. The whole town is clearly dead and details about what happened to them can be found in the cemetery nearby.

Some think the barn is a reference to an early season of The Walking Dead, which you can see below.

A goddamn vampire

One of the creepiest easter eggs in RDR2, the vampire can be tracked down to an ally in Saint Denis where he’s munching away on a corpse. He can be shot, but if you get in a fist fight, he’ll take you down with one hit. He’s insanely powerful.

You can see how to hunt him down below.