‘Fortnite’ Awarded Golden Joystick Ultimate Game Of The Year Over ‘RDR2’

It’s been an absolutely mammoth year for gaming, with top-notch releases like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Black Ops 4 receiving critical and fan acclaim across the board. But none of these received the Golden Joystick‘s most coveted award, the Ultimate Game of the YearFortnite Battle Royale did.

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Also referred to as the People’s Gaming Awards, the ceremony has been an institution of the gaming world since 1983, allowing folks to vote for their favourite titles of the year. With that in mind, along with the raging popularity of Fortnite already established, it’s not all that surprising it took out the top spot.

Along with an enormous 8.3 million concurrent players, Fortnite also had 78.3 million recorded players in just one month. By sheer numbers, it’s easy to see why the Epic Games release won out over the competition.

Did it deserve to win, though? Well, that depends who you ask. The 2018 results have certainly divided the gaming community, with some supporting the Battle Royale game while others questioned why it bested titles like Red Dead 2 and God of War, which both received incredibly high scores from critics.

You can even hear the audience lose their shit when RDR2 is announced as second place, which you can watch in the clip below.

Some are even blaming the results on allowing kids to vote on the awards.



Others defended the win, pointing out player numbers to back up their arguments.

Keep in mind winners are chosen by popular vote, so it makes sense that the most popular game of the year is going to win, regardless of what critics think. Of course, a game like RDR2 deserves to win over something like Fortnite, but also remember that there are plenty more awards to come which are more accurately judged.