This New Instagram Rival Wants To Pry Selfies From Our Cold, Engagement-Addicted Hands


A new Instagram alternative just dropped over the weekend, and the big difference here is that it won’t let you take or post selfies. Good bloody riddance, hey.

Instead of taking photos and uploading them to your own profile, just like on Insta, your profile on Poparazzi is instead created when your mates take photos of you and tag you in them.

The idea is that your mates become your own personal paparazzi, and vice versa. The app’s even calling itself the “anti-selfie selfie club” which is proof that they’re down with the kids.

On top of that, there are no captions, no comments, no follower counts, no crazy filters and – best of all – no #hashtags. It’s time we left those in the early 2010s where they belong.

That’s not to say privacy has gone out the window. You can still take down pics other people take of you if they turn out a bit shit, and you can also set your profile to private if need be.

Hmm… Poparazzi is giving big Insta vibes. (Supplied)

Let’s just hope – if this app even blows up in the first place – that it doesn’t encourage people to be even more annoying than their own contrived photoshoots at parties than we already are. It really could go two ways!

I for one am looking forward to having the perfect app for my mates to post candid photos of me with mayo on my face.

Poparazzi is currently available on the Apple App Store, and an Android app is in the works, too. It debuted at the top of the charts in the US, so things seem to be off to a decent start.

The GPOY era died in like 2013. Poparazzi is what we need to move on.

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