Nintendo Pledges To Sort Out Your Bung JoyCon Controller If You Post It In

Nintendo has finally admitted there is a connectivity issue with the left JoyCon controller of Switch launch units. No shit. 

A number of users reported persistent dropouts from the controller, some taking matters into their own hands to diagnose and fix the issue themselves. 
While Nintendo have no plans to implement a mass recall and repair of the bung controller, they are offering a fix to customers who are experiencing the issue. The fix being a small piece of conductive foam that protects it from interference.
“A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con,” they told Kotaku. “Moving forward this will not be an issue, as the manufacturing variation has been addressed and corrected at the factory level.”
So essentially, the issue has been resolved for future units, but those experiencing the “manufacturing variation” will need to send their control to Nintendo for the foam fix. 
“We are asking consumers to contact our customer support team so we can help them determine if a repair is necessary.

If it is, consumers can send their controller directly to Nintendo for the adjustment, free of charge, with an anticipated quick return of less than a week.”
If you’re anything like me, you’re probably balls deep in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the thought of being without it for a week is terrifying. 
If you want my advice – and you do – purchase a new pair of JoyCons online (to ensure you get newly manufactured units) and when they arrive, send your other away for repairs. 
Lets face it, you’re gonna want the extra controllers by the time Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is released anyway. 
Source: Kotaku.
Photo: Nintendo. 

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