Monopoly’s New Voice-Activated Banker Means Your Cheating Days Are Over


Board game overlord Hasbro has introduced Monopoly Voice Banking, their latest take on the classic family-shit-starter. But, this baby’s a game changer because it replaces the designated banker with a damn voice assistant.

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Said voice assistant comes in the form of a top hat – Mr. Monopoly’s top hat – to be placed in the middle of the board. The device is designed to keep tabs on all your cash and property transactions so no one, no one, can cheat or ‘accidentally’ fudge the numbers.

Not to mention, this also means there’s no need for Monopoly cash. Need to check your balance? Ask Mr. Monopoly. Want to buy a property? Mr. Monopoly will deal with that electronically. Receiving rent? Mr ! Monopoly !

So, how does it work? According to our friends over at Business Insiderwho got to trial the game, there are four buttons on the top hat – each with a symbol corresponding to a player’s character. So, that’s four people per game. The box also comes with a command card so you know exactly what to say when you hit up Mr. Monopoly.

For example, commands can sound like “Pay rent on Marvin gardens” and when you want to check your $$$, all you say is “balance.”

BI reckon it’s the “most efficient game of Monopoly we ever played,” but they do warn there’s a bit of a learning curve to it.

The new game will launch in the US come July 2, for USD$30. There’s yet to be an Aussie release date but we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, you can suss its listing on Amazon HERE

Head on over to BI if you want to hear what Mr. Monopoly sounds like. It’s a classic.

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