If you’re doing the sharehouse thing, or just like to save your $$ for stuff you actually wanna spend it on like… Xbox games or whatever, it’s likely you mooch around the Kmart home section relatively often, searching for bargains so you don’t have to drop big dollars on boring shit.

Well, the cheapo brand have dropped their prices yet again – and while it’s just a few bucks here and there, it led to me sifting through their website and discovering some primo bargains I didn’t realise existed. I thought I’d share ’em with ya, in case you’re in need of some upgraded Kmart home gear.

1200W Vacuum, $85

This vacuum has gotten rave reviews from the Mum set, and you KNOW they know their shit. It’s only dropped by four bucks but I didn’t even know it was so sought-after, so I’m including it.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $35

A bluetooth speaker that isn’t an eyesore and is just $35? Sign me the fuck up.

Cat Tower, $39


Bamboo Tablet/Smartphone Organiser, $25

If you’re in a KonMari phase of life and organising all your shit, this organiser – which lets you stash away your tech stuff while charging it – is a bedside must-have.

120L Storage Container with Wheels, $19

Finally store all your summer clothes in a big, neat tub.

Ribbed Polar Fleece Blanket, $13

Upgrade your ratty couch throw for cheap!

16 Piece Cutlery Set, $8.50

$10 cutlery? Good. $8.50 cutlery? Even better.

Set of 3 containers, $3.75

Make meal prep Sunday a more organised affair.

Desk Tray, set of 3, $3

FINALLY organise your jewellery stash.

5L Slow Cooker, $19

I have this already, but must tell you about it bc it’s SO GOOD. And $19!!!

Image: Instagram / @kmartaus