Your Presumably Starving Neopets Will Be Making The Jump To Mobile Soon

While maybe not quite the titanic internet presence that it once was, it appears that Neopets is very much still going, and getting ready to move into the world of mobile gaming. Before you get your hopes up that this will be some reimagining of the classic site but in a way that works good on your phone: this is not that. I have no idea why they are not doing that, because I feel like it would make them one hundred billion dollars.

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No, instead they are making something of a cross between a Scrabble-like puzzle game and the battle elements of Neopets. The company announced Legends and Letters at San Diego Comic-Con, saying that it is expected to be available on iOS and Android by October this year.

There won’t be any crossover between your desktop account (if by some incredible chance you still have one), so your dreams of saving your poor, nearly-dead pets and bringing them back to life on your phone will unfortunately not be realised. According to CEO David Lord, though, there will still be the opportunity to customise and dress up the pets you acquire in the game.

This watered-down game might not be amazing news for die-hard Neopets fans (which probably still exist), but it sure is good news for people looking for more ways to make digital animals fight in their day-to-day lives.