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Is it possible to grab a good NBN plan while on a budget? Absolutely, you just have to know where to look. And the place to look? It’s right here, buddy. You’re reading it right now.

If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a cheap NBN plan but aren’t sure what’s good, we’ve saved you some trouble. We’ve dug up the best possible NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans that are currently available — and they all cost no more than $60 a month.

NBN 25 plans under $60

A NBN 25 plan is an affordable option, but it’s also the slowest NBN speed you can get. It’ll get the job done, if the job primarily involves watching Netflix.

Tangerine are offering an impressive typical evening speed of 21Mbps at $49.90 per month.  It doesn’t have a contract and no data cap, which is a pretty tight deal overall.

However, that price is only available for the first six months you’re with Tangerine. After that it’ll jump up to $59.90/month, which, at that point, you may as well bump up to an NBN 50 plan.

SpinTel are offering a plan with similar evening speeds for $49.95/month, with a six month contract. That’s not too bad, but it does comes with a 200GB cap. If you’ll have multiple people using the internet or if you download a lot of new release games that 200GB will get stretched pretty thin.

For reference, 200GB data will let you stream around 60 hours of Netflix in high definition, or 200 hours in standard definition.

NBN 50 plans under $60

There aren’t a whole lot of NBN 50 plans going for less than $60, but if you’re a savvy shopper you can pick up a decent deal.

SpinTel are offering the cheapest NBN 50 plan at $54.95/month, but it does come with some caveats. You’ll be locked into a six-month contract and there’s a monthly 200GB data cap.

As usual, Tangerine are the provider to keep an eye on. For the first six months you’ll be paying $59.90 per month, and they’re offering typical evening speeds of 42Mbps. After that six months period you’ll be paying $69.90/month, but you won’t be locked into a contract so you can easily jump out of that if need be. Throw in unlimited data and you’re laughing.

Internode are offering the highest evening speeds (42.8Mpbs) and the price difference between their NBN plan and Tangerine’s is $0.09/month. The only real drawback is that you’ll be locked into a six month contract, and once the discounted billing period ends that price jumps up to $79.99/month.

Changing your NBN plan every six months isn’t a bad idea, especially if you want to get the most from the variety of plan deals that are available. You can score a whole year of discounted NBN with relatively similar speeds if you jump from Tangerine to Internode (or vice versa).

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