Someone Ran The National Anthem Through Google Translate 10 Times & It’s A Mess

The Australian National Anthem doesn’t really have the greatest lyrics, what with its old-timey language and second verse that no one remembers. If you find it a little hard to understand, perhaps a version which has been translated by Google ten times will make it a little easier.

[jwplayer LzHdEdho]

Posted to Reddit by the user stupendouspineapple, the translated version is, uh, certainly a bit different to the original. I’ll just let the results do the talking.

Superb. We certainly are all babies at some point, folks. Show me the lie. When asked what languages the lyrics were translated to, stupendouspineapple says they were just “clicking random languages on Google Translate.”

“I know Māori, Punjabi and Maltese were involved though.” 

Essentially, the end product is kinda like the lyrics have been boiled down to their absolute elements and stitched together, which is probably summed up best with the line, “the expensive rare thing”. Unreal.

A few others made their own versions of the translation using different languages, so the entire thread is definitely worth a scroll. After one person said they’d love to hear the new version sung by an actual singer, a professional opera singer, Apero_, recorded herself giving it a birl and posted the video to YouTube. Have a look below.

Holy shit, that rules. As the user RustyNumbat puts it, “if you don’t get booked for the AFL grand final I’m going to me local member of parliament”. Same.

I went ahead and did one of my own, feeding the lyrics through about 5 different languages before sending it back to English. You can see the results below.

All Australians are happy
Because we are young and free
We are a nation and wealth of gold,
Our house is a sea by the sea
There are many creative gifts in our country
Good, rich and small
Enter any step in the history page.
Prosperity in Australia
Sing with inspiring stories
Stay in Australia!

A pretty forceful order at the end there. I don’t know about that one. If you’re looking for a fun way to kill 5 minutes, you can try it on Google Translate yourself.