If you thought we left mansplaining in the dark ages of 2018, my friends, think again. We already have a contestant for 2019 Mansplaining Champion, and hoo boy is it a doozy.

It all started with a Guardian feature, titled “Me and my vulva: 100 women reveal all“. The yarn is about photographer Laura Dodsworth‘s project to take portraits of 100 vulvas, but that bit is not why we’re here – we’re here because of one Paul Bullen.

Your mate and mine Paul decided it was incumbent upon him to correct the Guardian – a major, international news publication with several dedicated editors whose job it is to know the meaning of words – on the use of the term “vulva”.

Paul, you see, reckons they’ve gone and fluffed it. He reckons the word they actually meant to use is “vagina”.

Quick fact check:

Thank you, Google.

In case it’s not abundantly clear, Paul is Wrong. The vagina – though colloquially used to refer to the entirety of the female genital area – is the inside bit. The vulva is the outside bit. Many of the fine citizens of Twitter took the time to let Paul in on this little secret.

And then Paul realised he’d made a boo-boo, had a little chuckle at himself, acknowledged he’d got it wrong, and logged off to do some knitting.

Oh wait, no, the opposite of that.


Clearly realising at some point that he was, in fact, wrong, Paul chose to make a subtle change of tactic. No longer was he simply telling the Guardian and its readers that they’d used the wrong word; no, he was defending the right of people everywhere to use the wrong word.

Image result for sure jan gif

The mind truly boggles. It’s like watching the dummies on Married At First Sight try to convince their partners that they didn’t call them a stupid ugly slapper, when they literally had a camera resting on their shoulder as they said it. WE HAVE THE RECEIPTS, PAUL. Your rejection of reality does not extend to observers!

You know, all of this could be avoided if we just followed my general rule of referring to the entire area by its far superior name: the Pussy. Food for thought, Paul.

Source: The Poke