Some Absolute Demon Managed To Get ‘Doom’ Running On A Myki Reader

Doom, Myki

I love an unusual gaming setup, so today, I bow down before the absolute demon who managed to get the 1990s classic Doom running on a Myki ticket validator.

In a recent post to the r/melbourne subreddit, a user named zbios showed off a Myki device running Windows, then displaying the Doom menu and playing a few seconds of the game.

Gaming on my myki reader
by u/zbios in melbourne

As the user explained it in separate thread:

“So I have this old ticket validator that runs Windows CE. Since there Is a Windows CE version of Chocolate Doom (Doom source port), I was able to simply extract the CAB file, rename the conents and copy it directly to the machine via its compact flash port. I am controlling the game via VNC since there are no USB ports on the validator.”

None of that makes a damn lick of sense to me, but it definitely sounds impressive and technical, and the game definitely works, so bravo.

The subreddit r/itrunsdoom is devoted to unusual devices that run the classic first-person shooter. In addition to the Myki reader, it features “calculators, ATMs, fridges, old video game systems” … really anything that has a computer system in it.

The question of how this anonymous redditor came by a ticket validator in the first place remains unanswered.